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Swim Services

Lochwinnoch is home and people from the village and surrounding area come together in the Barcraigs Open Water Swimming group to swim year-round sharing motivation and inspiration.  Any local competent swimmer, regardless of your experience level in the open water, is welcome to join them.  The swimmers in the BOWS group, like those in all open water groups, do look out for each other but it is important to note it is free, for everyone, they are responsible for themselves - it is not a lifeguarded, supported or coached session.  So that the group leaders are aware of your intention to join them, and to collect your emergency contact info, please book in for your first visit using the 'Book' button below.  Subsequently, you will be added to the groups Whatsapp group and can tag along to any swim session you fancy without using the booking system here.

Patrick and Drew of Wild Swim Adventures are Qualified RLSS Open Water Lifeguards.  You can book them for regular one-to-one and small group swim sessions using the Lifeguarded & Coached 'Book' button below. You will have our undivided attention, guidance and support during these sessions.  A great option for people safely taking their first steps into the cold, that need support for other reasons entering and being in the water, or, at the opposite end of the spectrum, pushing their training in a way where the oversight and rescue cover provides a sensible level of safety. Use the contact form to arrange that with us. For bespoke adventure days further afield, please use the contact form and tell us what you would like to do, roughly.  We can help you think about options, create an exciting itinerary with you and empower you to step into that adventure knowing we will be there to guide and keep you safe (plus probably transport and feed you tasty food on the shore!)  Have a look at our Adventures page to see trips already planned open for you to join.

The Men's Fire & Ice group runs monthly in Renfrewshire to allow participants to get calm and cold in the ice bath before rewarming around the log fire, refuelled with hot drinks and snacks provided, and revived with the camaraderie of good fire-circle chat.  The group is located alternatively in Drew's beautiful garden in Lochwinnoch or by the loch shore at Barcraigs.

The Men's Fire, Ice & Feast group runs monthly in the East Neuk of Fife to combine the benefits of the above with the culinary and foraging skills of Jayson Byles from East Neuk Seaweed.  While taking a turn in the ice bath coached by Drew, participants will have a range of tasty hot food provided throughout cooked by Jayson on the spot  The group moves between multiple locations in the East Neuk area, detailed as you book in.  

Swim in the lake

Barcraigs Open Water Swimming



& Coached

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Fire & Ice

Sitting by Campfire


Fire, Ice & Feast

Please note, cold exposure and group dialogue are therapeutic, especially for physical and mental pain, but these groups are not mental health services.  If you need help with your mental health, and don't we all sometimes, please speak to your GP.  Drew is a highly experienced psychotherapist but will be saving that for the therapy room.  You can always rely on him to be calm, kind and open, however, and he will keep the groups anchored in their group rules so everyone feels respected, seen and heard. 

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