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Men's Fire & Ice

A group for men to do cold water training and firepit peer support.

Service Description

This men's group is for cold exposure training and peer support. In Drew's garden there is a sheltered area for us to talk around a firepit and, around a corner, out of view of the group, a secluded area with an ice bath where you can change in private and do you cold water training. We will make sure the firepit is a place to be heard respectfully and the ice bath is a space where you can be encouraged into the cold or, at the very least, a check-in from an experienced cold exposure person to make sure you are safe. Then it's back to the fire and mugs of tea! Due to the well-known hazards of combining alcohol and cold exposure, the group will be booze-free. You'll be buzzing from the ice bath so you won't miss it we guarantee!

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