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This service is not available, please contact for more information.

Foraging & Fortitude

Men's health masterclass in seaweed foraging and cold exposure

Service Description

Jayson, founder of East Neuk Seaweed, is a chef and a lifelong forager who has many years experience gathering, growing and cooking simple but delicious food. This whole day workshop will enable you to learn from Jayson how to respectfully, safely and sustainably identify, forage and store small harvests for use in your daily life. After a foray in the intertidal, you will enjoy a fireside cook-up on the beach (weather-permitting) and then participate in a hands-on seaweed cookery masterclass in the beautiful Bowhouse hub nearby. Patrick and Drew from Wild Swim Adventures will provide you with a safe introduction to cold exposure training without wetsuits in the North Sea. Having rewarmed around the fire, you will then talk through with Drew how to fortify yourself for the cold, and its health benefits, while he demonstrates immersion in an ice bath back at Bowhouse.

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