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Foraging & Fortitude:  Men's Ocean Training

£120 per person  I 15 places maximum  I  4-hour masterclass  I  East Neuk of Fife

A masterclass in sustainable seaweed foraging and cold water exposure for men's physical health and mental well being.


Led by Jayson Byles; expert seaweed forager, cultivator of edible gardens and founder of East Neuk Seaweed. Jayson is a chef and a lifelong forager who has many years experience gathering, growing and cooking simple but delicious food. This hands-on workshop will enable you to learn from Jayson, right on the rocks, how to respectfully, safely and sustainably identify, forage and store small harvests for use in your daily life. After several hours coached foraging in the intertidal zone, and the North sea cold swim described below, you will deeply enjoy rewarming and refuelling through a substantial fireside cook-up on the beach 



Led by Drew and Patrick from Wild Swim Adventures.  Patrick and Drew will provide you with a safe introduction to cold exposure training without wetsuits in the North Sea. We will swim over kelp forests with goggles to put your learning with Jayson into practice and spot seaweed species.  Birds hugging the waterline are guaranteed, curious seals having a sneaky peek at us are common.  As we rewarm and refuel around the fire on the beach, courtesy of Jayson's cooking skills and the seaweed you have foraged, we will explain how to maximise the health benefits of cold water swimming and get started with cold conditioning at home to increase your ability to stay in colder water for longer.  

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