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ONline Shop

Merchandise Hoodies and T-Shirts now available to purchase.  Please ignore the out of stock on the website items will be ordered and printed on demand.  If you would like an item of clothing please let Patrick know via the main group Whatsapp chat and he will order.  Prices T-shirts £20 and Hoodies £45  

Guide sheets also available are for a one-page PDF detailing the key information you need to know about reaching these locations and entering the cold water.  They include pictures and summaries of highlights and hazards.  Locations are specified using BNG grid references (as with OS Explorer maps) but mini-sections of maps are not reproduced here as you will already have the full relevant maps yourself in order to venture into the mountains safely. Every photo and video has been taken using basic equipment and has not been edited in any way other than being cropped to size.  I think these locations deserve to be shown exactly as they were on the day.

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