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I had been stuck in a cycle of being busy, doing. I constantly had a feeling that something was missing and I was always looking to the next thing without taking time to pause. There was no balance in my life. Then I got into the water with you guys! Three weeks later I have a inner calmness and contentment that I'd lost. That searching feeling has gone. The water lets me connect back to myself and to nature, letting me remember what is important to me and to just be in the moment. Being in the water is also helping me rebuild my strength, flexibility and sense of wellbeing.  The support Drew and Patrick give is amazing as is the community they are building. It gives such a feeling of belonging, a place to just be.

about us


We are Drew and Patrick.  At the start of our careers, while Drew was heading into life as a psychological therapist, Patrick was already an experienced lifeguard.  Later in life, having met at the school gates (we have four boys between us), our friendship was forged in the winter grip of our local loch.  

Time spent in blue and green spaces, especially in the cold, is well understood to be a powerful enhancer of physical and mental health with a solid scientific basis.

You will be in safe hands as we are both Royal Life Saving Society qualified open water lifeguards who swim year round in Scottish waters. Our shared passion is exploring the wild landscapes across Scotland and using our skills to make those wild places accessible to everyone.

Whether you are using the cold to primarily help with mental and physical fitness or are looking for a unique adventure to wild blue-green spaces with our support, or both, let's talk about what the endlessly abundant cold water in Scotland can offer you. You will not regret it.  

Our mission is to hold the door wide open for you to explore the wildest adventures in blue-green spaces, reassured that we will be with you to transport, guide and provide safety (and hot food by a log fire at the water's edge afterwards!).

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